Rocking The Cold Season!

The cold season is here, and there is nothing as frustrating as indecisive weather. How many times did you peep out the window, estimated how the weather will be, picked an outfit, and ended up suffering the whole day? Several, right? Me too.

The thing about cold weather is that you just never know! What with global warming and climate change. And as if that is not enough, it is always an uphill climb trying to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

Over time, in a bid to adjust and be effortless in dressing, I learnt a few tricks. For example, how warm crotchet sweaters are, without necessarily being too heavy to wear.

First things first, do not wear heavy clothing. Why? In the event that the sun comes out and you are away from home, that will be a guaranteed long day ahead. The best solution will be to layer up. Pair up a few, light pieces into a bomb outfit.

Ideally, boots are meant for cold and rainy seasons, but you can also use them as a fashion statement. The worst thing would be a seemingly warm outfit, paired with sandals. That is not only an awkward look, but it also leaves you exposed to the cold. There are several body parts that should not be left out; your back, your feet, your ears and your hands. For some reason, if any of these is cold, then your entire body will feel cold.

The other thing would be to invest in trench coats; and kimonos. Before you argue that kimonos are not warm, allow me to point out that they actually are. You can pair your kimono with a light crotchet sweater, or any other that you may have, and have a great outfit to show. Or you can bank on your trench coats; these never go out of style.

Also, remember to accessorize. Use minimum accessories to bring personality to your outfit, and avoid looking like you were trying too much. I also love to use neutral colors more than any other colors because they are easy to manage, and will go well with literally anything.

Ps: It’s been a long hiatus from writing, but I do hope that you love this article and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

Have a great week!


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