Jewellery Tattoos by Fashion Icon Kenya!

Since I introduced these jewellery tattoos, I have had a couple people asking me a few similar questions about them.

I discovered these beautiful accessories during my trip to Austria, and i could not let go of how amazing they look. Well, these amazing tattoos are clinically tested; for starters. And you can easily remove them; if you get tired of having them (which is highly unlikely). They last up to ten days; depending on how often you are in touch with water, and how gentle you are on your skin.

Steps for application:

Normally, the tattoos come in a sheet that contains around seven to ten different designs.

  1. Cut out your desired design carefully using a pair of scissors.
  2. Remove the colourless foil that protects the tattoos from wearing off.
  3. Place tattoo either on your arm or on your chest or on your legs; wherever you like.
  4. Using a damp piece of clothing, place it on the tattoo and press on it for a few seconds; or a minute.
  5. Peel off the back cover.
  6. Use an oil free spray to ensure that it lasts longer.
  7. Leave it to dry.
  8. Feel free to show it off!

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