Growing Modest.

1_kxq_iowve6fiiviwlkrmkg.jpegThey say, “When you go to Rome, do as the Romans do”. Six months ago, I made the decision to move to the Middle East; to the State of Qatar. Which also explains my long hiatus from writing here. It has taken a lot of adjusting. Now, Qatar, as you may already know, is a dominantly Muslim country, and as such, it follows Sharia Law.

Moving to a different country is tough. Moving to a country that has different beliefs as compared to your more westernized home country is tougher. You do not realize exactly how different people are until you are out of your comfort zone.

Over the last six months, suffice to say, I have come to realize that change is good. Depending on how you look at things. I have had to revamp my outlook of fashion, to accommodate my now modest lifestyle.

I have grown to appreciate Parisian Chic fashion, palazzo pants have become my closest friends and midi skirts and dresses are a new favorite.

My second challenge had to have been the extreme weather conditions. Imagine needing to cover up, but also trying not to melt. The temperatures here rise to forty four degrees centigrade, or more. Chiffon, satin and other lighter materials are a great necessity. You must consider the material of any item you purchase to make sure it is just the right amount of comfortable.

Remember Kimonos ? Apparently, the universe has a way of making things work out for you because ever since I got here, my collection of Kimonos has been my saving grace.  Throw a kimono over any outfit, and it looks stylish, glamorous and modest at the same time.


Well, Doha has been both great and challenging at the same time, but here I am. Back with new articles every week!!

Do enjoy your week, and, take a shot at modest fashion. You might like it.

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  1. Yes Kimonos have saved me numerous times. Well done on the adjustment and settling in. The plus side to Parisian Chic Fashion is that they look sooo classy. This whole collection looks very royal besides the weather being super hot, I have to say these styles are very nice and super classy. A win for me !

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