Florals And Stripes!


Well, in case you may not have noticed yet, florals and prints are the fashion trends taking over 2018. Halfway into the year, and we can confidently conclude that florals and prints are the signature looks this year. It could be a dress, it could be palazzo pants, or shorts, or a jumpsuit. Whatever your choice of the day, a little stripes or florals go a long way to spice up your look!


The most interesting thing about stripes and florals is that, whatever it is, it feels absolutely comfortable! It’s like looking fabulous and classy with absolutely no effort.


However, it is quite easy to go wrong with prints, especially if your outfit does not co-ordinate. The safest bet when it comes to this is to pair a print with a plain item. As shown above. As usual, neutral colors are an easy go-to pick.


Two piece outfits are also an in thing, as long as they match and are accessorized simply and at a minimum.

I have seen a lot of great items at stores like Mango, Zara, Forever 21, LC Waikiki among others, all of which are relatively affordable.


What is your favorite fashion trend?

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