Callbacks And Confirmations.

For most models, the ultimate goal is to walk the Victoria’s Secret runway. With the results of castings trickling in, we are so proud to see the number of women of colour set to walk the runway later in the year. As a black woman and activist, such gestures and wins for fellow women of colour make me so elated because it goes to show that we are beautiful, multi-talented and powerful.

We have a couple faces that walked for previous shows in the past few years, as well as a couple new faces. Here are some of the confirmed models:

1. Cindy Bruna


2. Jourdana Phillips


3. Kelly Gale


4. Lameka Fox


5. Cheyenne Maya Carty


6. Iesha Hodges


7. Harieth Paul


8. Mayowa Nicholas


Getting a callback for such a show has to be a really great feeling. Subsequently, it takes hard work, resilience and a few detours to get to where you want to be. Seeing these women get out there and get what they want is absolutely fulfilling, and I cannot wait to watch the show!!

Victoria’s Secret always surpasses expectations, and I hope that this year is no different.

To a great new week ahead.

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