Rock That Denim!


Denim is undoubtedly the most worn material globally. Everybody loves denim! On the previous post, we predicted that neutrals and nude colors are bound to rule this year.

However, while that is true, we feel that there is lots of room for denim to dominate this year too; like it has in all other years. Undoubtedly.

Here are a few ways in which you can rock your denim pieces:

  1. Denim on Lace.

How absolutely lovely! You may want to dress down but still achieve a chic look, effortlessly. Why not match up some lace and denim?!

2. Denim on Leather.

Everybody loves leather. Leather pants, leather shorts, leather jackets, etc. It is incredible how denim and leather are instantaneously in sync. You can never go wrong with this one.

3. Denim on Boots.

Meeting up with friends? Or maybe you want to go out on a chilly night? Stay chic and fab in denim and boots; you could never go wrong.

4. Denim on Heels.

The best thing about denim on heels is the smart casual look. We all love to look sharp at the workplace, and this look is perfect for Fridays and Saturdays. It can also double up for a party look.

5. Denim on Denim.

I mean, why not?

6. Denim Shorts.

Denim shorts are great for when going by the mall, or to the park, or to the beach. Basically, the go-to look for a chilled out day.

What is your favorite?

Author: Fashion Icon Kenya

Fashion Icon Kenya is a fashion and style one stop shop that is bound to change the fashion scene in Kenya. #BeInStyle

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