Perfume Review

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. ”

― Christian Dior

As we grow up, we learn the value of good grooming and how powerful image and first impressions are. It takes a person approximately seven seconds from the moment they first meet you for them to have an opinion about you. How? There are several aspects about you that create a first impression. From the clothes you wear, the combination of your outfit, your shoes, the details that include accessories, your posture, your poise, and most importantly, your scent.

On most occasions, the power of your scent goes unsaid. However, everyone remembers the person they met whose scent caught their attention.

Depending on each individual, we acquire scents based on the products we use: bathing soap/shower gel, deodorant, roll on, body lotion, and perfume.

I use all the above, but I feel that our perfume is what makes the longer lasting impression. Below are some of the perfumes I used this year; I would strongly recommend all of them.

  1. Sparta Femme – Estiara

If you love scents that touch on flowers and are extra feminine, then this is your go to perfume. It is sort of mild but lasts throughout the day. It is great for people who are very sensitive to smells.

2. Good Girl – Carolina Herrera

This perfume exudes class, elegance and power. It has a rich and pleasant smell that will definitely leave heads turning everywhere you go.

3. Bamboo – Gucci

As long as it is Gucci, then you know it is great. This is the perfect perfume for a woman who wants neither a very strong nor very mild perfume. It falls somewhere in between. Bamboo by Gucci is a perfect scent for the working mother. A balance of both worlds.

4. Wonderstruck – Taylor Swift

We know Taylor Swift for her many hit songs, but not so much for her perfume. I tried this one out around July/August this year, and I love it! It has a not so mild smell that is long lasting and does not fade throughout the day.

5. Miami Glow – JLo

Miami Glow is a special kind of perfume. It’s chic, it’s classy and very ideal for the young working woman. That, doubled up with the fact that it is JLo’s line, makes it way too perfect!

6. Miami – Pitbull

It has a minty and lingering smell that will tickle your nose-buds. It is a more masculine perfume; but not so much and is great for any woman who prefers “for men” perfumes. The minty feel of this perfume is its best feature; lasting you through the day with a 48  hour lingering guarantee.

7. Power – 50 Cent

The masculine smell of this one is breathtaking! I love how a single drop of the perfume gives great aura and a sense of power.

While many may dismiss perfume as unnecessary, it is important to note that it is a part of your overall outfit; you wear it throughout the day. Thus, it is important to choose with such precision and get the best for you.

“Dressing well is a form of good manners”~ Tom Ford


Author: Fashion Icon Kenya

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